Dear Wife of An Addict

wife of an addict

Dear Wife of An Addict, Did you just loose another battle?  One more push for change to control the use/abuse of a substance/lifestyle.  You timed it perfectly, your argument for stopping the behavior was well thought out and rational.  Any one could see that his behavior was/is killing the family and himself. Why won’t he listen to you, the therapist, close friends or co-workers?  You are sure there is a person in there, the person you thought you were going...

Procrastination- The Queen of Self Sabotage

self sabatage

Dog Pee! All I can smell is dog pee! I am standing in the middle of my other wise clean house sniffing. Dog pee is not really the issue, After challenging myself to a 2 hour house cleaning fest that turned into 6 hours. I am trying to rationalize my own self-sabotage. I took an otherwise perfectly orchestrated day and drown it in my own  procrastination.  Here is my confession, uhhm rationalization: 6 hours cleaning is only one hour for...

So You Married An Addict: Part 2 Self-Care

wife-of-addict-searching-for-help-with addiction-issues

So you married an addict now what? Is this it for the rest of your life?  No, as destructive and crippling as addiction is, whether it is alcohol/drugs, sex, relationships, work, shopping or food, there is hope.  As you stare at your wedding bands, the promise of love for a life time, realize you are not alone. Self care will be a life saver for you and your family. Find a Community Sitting in Al-Anon over the last 13 years...

So You Married An Addict


Realizing you married an addict brings about a host of  emotions.  My first thought was I can handle this.  We just need to get him to a counselor and an AA program.  Secondly, I can love away the hurts of his past life and the addiction will go away.  Truly, my all time favorite is, “He loves me so much surely he does not want to choose the addiction over me!” I Married an Addict Trying to Resolve Issues in...

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