Recovery Resources

From the beginning God said it was not good for man to be alone. Working through life’s issues on life’s terms is a struggle. The following are a list and/or resource we have found helpful for life issues.

General  Info  and  Treatment:  

Changing  Lives  Foundation.  An  informative  site  providing  help  and hope  for  friends  and  family  of  addicts/alcoholics—with  a  focus  on  how  individuals  and  families  recover  from  these  problems.  Site  includes  Low  Cost,  No  Cost  Alcohol  and  Drug  Treatment  Resource  List:  Comprehensive  directory  of  low/no  cost  treatment,  sober  living  facilities,  halfway  homes,  family  resources  and  more.


Drug  Addiction  Support.  News  and  current  topics  about  drug  addiction—including  the  latest  books  and  DVD’s  for  Addiction  Recovery,  along  with resources  to  learn  how  to  help  your  family  deal  with  drugs.  

National  Association  of  Addiction  Treatment  Providers.  Click  on  “Enter,”  then  click  on  “Members.”  You  can  search  by  state  or  treatment  center  name.  Committed  to  helping  the  addicted  and  families  affected  by drug  abuse  and  drug  addiction—to  find  rehabs,  especially  troubled  teens.  This  site  also  includes  various  interesting  venues  for  recovering  people to  connect  with  each  other.  

The  Association  for  Addiction  Professionals.  A  professional  membership organization  that  serves  counselors  who  specialize  in  addiction  treatment.  The  Fix.  A  daily  website  for  alcohol  and  drug  addiction  recovery  news and  information.  A  great  resource  for  addiction  recovery  news,  rehab reviews  and  sober  living  tips.  

Hazelden  Betty  Ford  Foundation.  A  site  for  individuals,  families,  and  communities  struggling  with  addiction  to  alcohol  and  other  drugs.  This  nonprofit  organization  helps  people  transform  their  lives  by  providing  the  highest  quality  treatment  and  continuing  care  services,  education,  research,  and  publishing  products  available  today.

Phone  Counseling  for  Families:  

(click  on  “Family  Phone  Counseling”)

Addiction  Counselor  Joe  Herzanek/Changing  Lives  Foundation  (author,  Why  Don’t  They  Just  Quit?)  Drug  Addiction  Phone  Counseling  for  family  members—providing  hope  and  solutions  to  families  in  crisis.  

Toby  Drews  (author  Getting  Them  Sober,  family  counselor)  Long distance  telephone  consultations  (including  evenings,  weekends  and  holidays) concerning  the  addiction  and/or  family  issues,  with  individuals  or couples,  or  alcoholics  who  want  to  seriously  look  at  getting  sober-­-­or  who are  already  in  recovery,  and  want  additional  help.

Twelve  Step:  Alcoholics  Anonymous.  A  fellowship  of  men  and  women  who  share  their  experience,  strength,  and  hope  with  each  other  so  that  they  may  solve  their  common  problem  and  help  others  to  recover  from  alcoholism.  AA  Grapevine.  Voice  of  Alcoholics  Anonymous,  The  International  Journal  of  AA,  articles,  stories,  jokes,  letters,  subscriptions  since  1944.  Information  and  tools  for  working  the  12-­step  program.  Read  the  AA  Big  Book  online.  Complete  text  of  “Alcoholics  Anonymous ”also  known  as  “The  Big  Book”  is  available  in  English,  French,  and  Spanish.  AA  Intergroup.  Telephone  Numbers,  USA.



Christian  Recovery:  

addiction2recovery.  reality.connection.change.  Addiction  recovery  materials along  with  gripping  videos  of  real  people’s  stories  of  change  and recovery.   Celebrate  Recovery.  A  Christ-­centered  program  ministering  to  thosewho  struggle  with  hurts,  hang-­ups,  habits  or  addictions.


Love  First.  Professional  interventionists,  Jeff  and  Debra  Jay,  authors  of  Love  First,  the  best-­selling  book  on  intervention.  Videos,  professional  intervention,  recovery  mentoring  and  many  free  resources.  Questions  answered  without  charge.  Interventionists  nationwide.


Addiction  Intervention  Resources  (AIR).  A  national  organization  of  professional  intervention  specialists,  counselors  and  consultants  that  provide  fast  and  effective  crisis  management  services  through  a  proven  protocol  of  education,  action  and  healing.  AIR  addiction  consultants can  be  reached  at  any  time.




National  Institute  on  Drug  Abuse.  NIDA’s  mission  is  to  lead  the  nation in  bringing  the  power  of  science  to  bear  on  drug  abuse  and  addiction.  

Substance  Abuse  &  Mental  Health  Services  Administration  (SAMHSA).  Provides  info  on  the  prevention  of  substance  abuse,  alcohol  and  drug  addiction,  treatment,  and  mental  health  services.  

National  Council  on  Alcoholism  and  Drug  Dependence,  Inc.  (NCADD).  Provides  education,  information,  help,  and  hope  to  the  public.

It  advocates  prevention,  intervention,  and  treatment  through  a  nationwide network  of  affiliates.  

National  Institute  on  Alcohol  Abuse  and  Alcoholism.  Provides  current publications,  research  and  news  on  alcohol  addiction.  

The  Partnership  for  a  Drug-­Free  Kids  —  Where  Families  Find  Answers.  A  drug  abuse  prevention,  intervention,  treatment  and  recoveryresource,  to  help  parents  and  caregivers  address  alcohol  and  drug  abuse.

Online  Communities/  Support:  

FOB  (Friends  of  Bill).  A  social  network  specifically  designed  for  alcoholics and  addicts.  Connect  with  new  friends  from  all  over  the  world  who are  just  like  you.  

In  the  Rooms.  The  premier,  most  comprehensive  online  social  network for  the  recovery  community  worldwide.  For  the  23  hours  a  day  you’re  not at  a  meeting,  in  the  Rooms  has  many  of  the  most  popular  12-­Step  fellowships  as  groups  for  you  to  become  a  member  of.  In  here  you’ll  find  great  discussions,  great  people,  resources,  and  archives.  

Faces  and  Voices  of  Recovery.  Dedicated  to  organizing  and  mobilizing the  millions  of  Americans  in  long-­term  recovery  from  addiction  to  alcohol and  other  drugs.

Family  Support:­  

Al-­Anon/Alateen  (which  includes  Alateen  for  younger  members)  offers strength  and  hope  for  friends  and  families  of  problem  drinkers.


Online  AlAnon  Outreach.  Information  about  online  Al-­Anon  Family  Groups  and  links  to  meetings  on  the  Internet.  

Love  and  Logic.  Positive  parenting  solutions  and  educational  resources which  have  been  creatiing  healthy  family  relationships  since  1977.  A wealth  of  information.  One  of  our  favorite  resources!

Pain  Management:  

LVRC  Chronic  Pain  Recovery  Blog.  A  great  resource  for  articles  and information  representing  the  best  physicians  practicing  in  the  field  of  Pain  Medicine.

Nutrition  &  Fitness:  

Nutrition  Action.  The  largest-­circulation  health  newsletter  in  North  America  providing  reliable  information  on  nutrition  and  health.  

Alcoholics  Victorious.  A  (Christian-­based)  collection  of  articles  that detail  the  effects  of  diet  and  nutrition  on  addiction  recovery.  

Nutrition  Info.  U.S.  federal  guide  offering  access  to  all  government  websites with  information  on  nutrition  and  dietary  guidance.

  Recovery  Radio:  

Take  12  Recovery  Radio.  The  world’s  oldest  and  only  recovery  radio  station  broadcasting  recovery  talk  and  positive  music  24  hours  a  day  with  a  unique  recovery  focused  show  updated  three  days  a  week.

Fun  Stuff:  A  blog  for  and  about  the  arts  in  recovery.  By  arts,  we mean  general  expression:  Recovery  Poetry,  Recovery  Music,  and  Recovery  Visual.

Assessments  for  yourself  or  others:  

Is  AA  for  you?  12  questions  to  help  you  decide  if  you  have  a  problem.

TO  ACCESS  THIS  RESOURCE  LIST  (and  more)  (click  on  RESOURCES) *The  list  of  organizations,  professionals,  and  advisers  (referred  to  hereafter  as  “advisers”)  is  provided  solely for  informational  purposes.  Changing  Lives  Foundation  does  not  endorse,  and  has  not  undertaken  any  independent investigation  of  the  qualifications,  credentials,  experience,  education,  training,  or  proper  licensing of,  any  adviser  listed.  Changing  Lives  Foundation  does  not  have  any  direct  or  indirect  input  in  any  advice or  services  provided  by  any  adviser  listed  in  this  book.  Any  person  using  contact  information  provided herein,  to  locate  and  select  an  adviser  is  strongly  encouraged  to  inquire  about  the  adviser’s  professional expertise,  experience,  licensing,  and qualifications  before  engaging  or  hiring  such  a  person  or  organization.

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Web Sites

Celebrate Recovery
A recovery group based on beatitudes of the bible and the 12 steps of alcoholic anonymous.  These programs offer recovery for the whole family in one place. Find a group near you.  Order reading materials, learn more about kid’s programs.

Mothers of Boys Society

Beamer the Bulb Boy 


12 Steps by 12 Stories Spiritual Message of Recovery For Children and the Child in You, Debra Alessandra

Triggers: Exchanging Parent’s Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

Can We Send You a Life Changing Video?