Make Road Trips with Kids More Fun with Free Podcasts ( you might just learn something too!)

December 16, 2016

Road trips with kids offer family learning and fun on the run.  Add to this by including a fun discussion sparking kid’s podcast.  Just yesterday, my youngest son and I learned (via podcast) that camels, those desert beasts of burden, are not uniquely fit for sand storms and harsh winds–no, that actually come from a much different place.Make Long Road Trips with Kids fun

I won’t spoil it.  It is only 12 minutes long and is a great lesson in story form,  Ted Talks to watch with kids is a whole play list of thought provoking material.camels desert ted talk for kids

Long car trips with kids provides “windshield time” that is  magical.  It can open opportunities for shared experiences, discussions on sensitive topics or silliness that will remain family “inside jokes for years.”

This summer the boys and I logged 3,500 miles from Colorado to Georgia and back.  We learned to tell analog time, read road maps, and work through trials as a team.

Some of this was sparked by the stories we read and listened to along the way.

One of our favorite Kid’s podcast series was Max Goodname from Stories Podcast–a dramatized version of a knight’s tales. These are original stories by Daniel Hinds, who wrote them because he could not find acceptable stories for his you children to listen too at bed time.  The dramatization is excellent; my boys and I sat spell bond listening to the knightly adventurers of Max and his wizard side kick. The three stories ( we wish Daniel would write more) are exciting enough to hold you in your seat without being too scary.

Amanda Welldon, the spirited narrator of the stories podcast, tells a great new version of the Gingerbread Man for a long holiday car trip with kids.  Expect spontaneous singing to break out after you have listened to the podcast! Maybe even a hankering for gingerbread cookies.

Another favorite podcast is StoryNory poems, stories, and readings from classics and new kids literature,  The Katie series is a lot of fun with Katie and the Christmas Chimney (sure to be a new holiday favorite).

The best news? All this entertainment is free,!  Just down load the stories while you are still at home and have them ready when the voices in back seat on the long car trip began to say:

How much longer?

road trips kids

Long car trips with the kids will become a joy ( almost) with children’s podcasts,  Just think fun stories, poems and songs that bring the family together during time on the road.  Say goodbye whining kids on long car trips with children’s podcasts.!

Here are some other fun road trip games.  We love Madlibs!

By Tanya Gioia

Tanya is learning to greet each day with "Ok God, what are we doing today?" She delights in her two sons and husband as they continue a family journey of recovery. Breathing and trusting God through the joys of everyday life is a full time job!

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