Send Prayer Requests

Send Prayer Requests
Send prayer requests below and we will take a prayerful seat beside you.

Send Prayer Requests

Feeling alone even in the mists of  family, friends or a marriage is painful.  Send prayer requests to the Joyous Family and we will partner with you to pray confidentially.  Just knowing that someone is
praying is a feeling of comfort. Healing prayer
changes people and circumstances.  Just the simple act of sending a prayer request, sharing a need, a joy, a thanksgiving can change your perspective and allow God to work more effectively.

We are Honored  to  Receive Your Prayer Requests

I can’t heal, save or transform your life, but God can.  In this blog I share my experience, strength, and hope in Jesus.  Life is messy.   Answers are often elusive or at least not clear.  Intercessory prayer ( pray for others) is the opportunity for believers to “carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ” (Gal 6:2).   With send prayer request form, I am offering you a confidential  place to leave a burden or share a joy.  Leave a thought, a prayer, a need and my family and I will pray for you.  You are free to leave your name or not.  God knows all the details so leave as little or as much as you feel nec. Let us stand with you in your petition to the Creator of the Universe.

 Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.  Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. James 5:13 Only God can transform your life, only God can heal you, only God can protect and save you.  

Send Prayer Requests
Power of a Praying Family standing in the gap and sharing the burdens and joys.


Power of Prayer: Pray for each other so that you may be healed. James 5:16  Send prayer requests below and be assure we are praying.



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