10 Simple Christmas Wreaths You Can Make in An Hour

December 14, 2016

Make one of these 10 simple Christmas wreaths in less than an hour!   We don’t even start to set up our Christmas Tree until after the second weekend in December.  I often make the wreath for the door out of the trimmings off the Christmas tree we liberate from the national forest. This year I wanted something different.10 Super Simple Christmas Wreaths made in Under an Hour

Simple Christmas Wreaths that Take An Hour or Less

Because  it is already the middle of December and super busy, the wreath had to be easy and cheap. The holiday yarn wreath looks super elegant and requires only six elements to make.  The jingle bells are not necessary, but do make it more festive and drive the dog crazy when the door opens.

The candy cane wreath requires a little more dexterity with the scissors but the results are amazing and fun.  A variation on this wreath is the candy cane mesh wreath using the same bright candy cane red and white makes this wreath is more airy and floaty.

Kid Friendly Christmas Wreaths

Fun to do with the kids and costs less than $5 is the fleece rag wreath.  Choose any colors that suit you and and have the kids help cut and tie.  They could even make ones for their doors.  The second fun kids wreath is the simple snowman wreath.  Use some white glitter yarn to make “old frosty” sparkle.  The kids will want these for their bedroom doors!

More Sophisticated Winter Wreaths

Got any old books laying around? The book wreath gives off a sophisticated feel.  Add a cool ornament that just did not make it on the tree and “poof” you are a literary genius!  The winter snowflake wreath is just as simple and sophisticated with very little assembly needed; it is perfect for those stretched to the max this holiday season.  These two less Christmasy wreaths could be left up all year.10 Super Simple Christmas Wreaths made in Under an Hour

2 Element Christmas Wreath  Under 5 mins and $5 Dollars to Make

Three Cheers for the simplest Christmas Wreath every!  Again only $5 ($3 for garland and $2 for ribbon) .  Leave the garland wrapped in the circle it came in and tie a bow.  Nothing gets easier than that!

Although not a wreath, I did find two simple garlands. The peppermint twist garland is perfect for those that like a minty smell around the tree and only requires two elements–wire and hard candy peppermints. Even easier is the button garland that requires a package of buttons and a spool of twine.

Now, have the kids do the dishes so that you can create a little Christmas cheer with these super simple wreaths.

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