Want More Free Time With Your Family?

April 19, 2017

I want more free time with my family how about you?  When I add up the school/work day and see how many hours I truly spend face to face with my kids I feel sad.

Before school, I spend about an hour with them and after school about 4 hours which includes dinner, homework, preparing for school the next day, getting ready for bed and any other issues that arise.

Free time? Just to hear about their day, their lives or their hopes and dreams? Sadly, not much of that is happening other than at dinner.

What really gets me is when I have to work through or past dinner time.   At our house dinner time is that scared space where we catch up on the day and plan for the next.

Why do I miss dinner with my family?

woman work family life balance

Work!  Reality is all of us have to pay bills.  I would like to blame all my missed family free time on work but guess what?  That is not really true.  Really it is my spending habits and choices that cause most of the issues of missed free time with my family.

Do Your Spending Habits Effect How Much Free Time You Get With Your Family?

Yes!  How much you choose to spend on the following items, plus a dozen more, affects how much “free time” you have to spend on your family and yourself.


Where does all the hard earned cash go?  If you managed your money better would you have more free time with your family?

Change Your Spending Habits:Increase Your Free Time

There are two words the American public hates more that presidential election; budget & diet.  Why would anyone choose to budget their time, money and energy.  I hate putting numbers in little tiny categories on a spread sheet.  But the pay off is huge!  February 15, 2017 I was completely out of debt for the first time in 5 years.  Best Valentine’s Day Gift ever!   And I gave it too myself.

Less Bills = Less Time at Work = More Free Time with Family

spending budget time family children money planning


Not the perfect math equation but still gets the point across.   Every penny you make needs a job.  Not a random I will figure it out later when the electric bill/phone bill/mortgage/ comes do, but a preplanned job.  Sounds tedious I know, but if you are serious there is a formula to get it done and keep it that way.

The Financial Reboot Course

Now you can spend you time trying to figure this out on your own.  I did for years!  Or you can take this step by step class offered by Penny Pinchin’ Mom, Tracie Fobes and correct your financial course in a matter of weeks.

Tracie uses the techniques that got her from bankruptcy to a cash trip with her three kids and husband to Walt Disney World. This will help you realign your spending habits and create more free time for your family.

From 37,000 In Debt to a Family Vacation in Cash

family time, free time children vacation fun kids no debt

It is as though Tracie lives in your financial closet.  She helps you uncover the real reason you are spending and why you need to change your mindset, and finally how to build a  workable budget that will get you back on track.

Go ahead and take a look at Penny Pinchin’ Mom’s website and see the wealth of knowledge she provides for free.

When you do decide that this course is right for you then grab this link and join the course and Facebook support group.  You won’t regret it!  More free time with you kids can only be bought with a better financial budget.  Stop waiting and do it!

By Tanya Gioia

Tanya is learning to greet each day with "Ok God, what are we doing today?" She delights in her two sons and husband as they continue a family journey of recovery. Breathing and trusting God through the joys of everyday life is a full time job!


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    Linda Sikes

    A very good reminder- even when your children are adults.

  2. Reply

    Linda Sikes

    What a simple way to look at how to get more free time: Spend less = work less = more free time with family and for yourself.
    Thanks again for making it so easy to understand.

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