What is Recovery Coaching?

Life happens!  If you have a belly button you deal with the trials of life.  Sometimes those trials include hurts, habits and hang-ups.

  • Are you baffled by your loved one’s responses after sobriety?
  • Are you feeling angry and frustrated that life is not smoother?
  • Are you worried that sobriety may not last?
  • Are you ready to change the areas in your life you can control?

About Me

Coaching brought my life to a whole new level in 2016. 

 After working with therapists, sponsors and mentors I knew I needed a more forward thinking process to help me grow, develop, and create the life God intended for me.  

Real life for real families living sober on purpose

That’s my calling to serve families as they move from addictive behaviors to sober health. 

How to Choose a Coach

Picking a Coach

Interview the Coach

Look for someone who you feel comfortable with in a one-on-one situation.   

Try a discovery call to find out if their style, values and direction are suitable to your needs and personality.

Remember you are hiring them not the other way around.

Questions to Ask a Coach

Tell me about your coaching style?

What training have they had to be a coach?

What pricing packages do they offer?

Are they certified or working toward certification?

What areas do they specialize in for coaching?

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